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Please see our Programs page for how the following  services are delivered. 


Life Style Consultation & Training:

  • Fitness and Wellness

  • Nutrition

  • Goal setting and motivation

  • Mental/emotional well being


Personalized Fitness Prescription

Fitness/Health Assessments

  • Body composition

  • Muscular strength and endurance

  • Cardiovascular endurance

  • Flexibility

  • Nutrition analysis

  • Postural analysis




What clients say about


"When I first asked Jessica Adlin for a fitness routine she asked me what my goals were and what equipment was available to me. I wanted to strengthen my bad knees, improve my posture, and prevent osteoporosis. After a careful health and fitness assessment, she developed a routine for me to follow, using equipment that I had available, that addressed my specific concerns as well as promoting my overall general health.

I enjoy my workouts, my knees are giving me less trouble, my posture has improved, and I am stronger and feel better than I ever have before. I thank FitnessDesigns for leading me on this path."
Sheridan Botts
Renton, WA


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