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Congratulations! You have taken a big step toward becoming your very best self by allowing  Fitness Designs to partner with you in reaching your fitness and wellness goals!  We look forward to helping you reach  your optimal fitness level; to perform better than ever, feel better than ever and look better than ever!.  E-coaching is specifically designed to be affordable and convenient and highly effective life-changing program.. Our mission is to help you achieve and maintain your optimal physical condition, now and through out your life stages.

Your membership in the Fitness Designs e-coaching program will provide:

  • A personal connection with a highly skilled fitness and wellness expert

  • Unlimited contact with Fitness Designs through e-mail to:

  1. Get expert information regarding your physical health and well-being

  2. Ask questions related to your personal wellness program anytime from anywhere

  3. Discuss changes or additions to your action plan

  4. Receive motivation for sustaining your efforts

  • A "Get Fit" packet of material including self-assessments for nutrition, stress, and exercise, and other wellness information.

  • 6 sessions of in-studio or "Tele-coaching" at 50% the normal rate (this is a savings of $225.00!)

  • A newsletter containing news and tips about health and wellness e-mailed to you monthly

You e-coach is available whenever and wherever you have the need for a personal, professional fitness resource.  Take the time to develop a relationship with your coach--you will benefit greatly from the ongoing contact. 

Becoming a Fitness Designsí member is very simple:

1. Click on the Sign-up Today button below,

2. Agree to the easy-to-understand Fitness Designs Release and Membership Agreement forms,

3. Complete the simple membership order form.

You'll  receive immediate confirmation of your membership. Shortly thereafter a "Get Fit" packet will be on its way, containing a welcome letter from your e-coach and valuable information on how to get the most from your e-coaching membership.

Our Refund Policy

We offer 100% satisfaction.  If within the first 30 days you're not completely satisfied, your money will be promptly refunded (less a $50.00 handling fee). No questions asked!

Sign-up Today!

We want you to have all of your questions answered. If you need more information, please call us at:


or contact us  by email.



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What clients say about


"I was in a place that I did not like. I was out of shape, over weight and generally dissatisfied with myself and where I was heading. With a friend, who had voiced similar feelings, I was introduced to FitnessDesigns, and that is when my life started to make a turn about. It did not happen immediately. For my part, it took work, real dedication, and lots of support. For FitnessDesigns' part it took a lot of knowledge, patience, encouragement and, most of all, a supportive attitude.
"I have come a long way since that very first nervous day. Today I am happy with the way I look, the way I feel, and the way FitnessDesigns has helped me accomplish all of these goals. As for my future, I like where I am and I plan on staying here. This will all be accomplished with future guidance from FitnessDesigns."

Kim Mylroie
Bellevue, WA

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