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We are well-life coaches, experts in providing fitness and wellness services in person and via email and telephone.

Our mission is: "to help individuals achieve and sustain optimal physical condition throughout every stage of life."

Our work is founded on the principal of personal power. Your body is a remarkable machine, designed to function efficiently and comfortably for many, many years. You have the power to impact the performance of that machine with only the simplest maintenance requirements: good nutrition, proper exercise, and an overall feeling of well being. We are your maintenance engineers; the coaches that help you make it happen.


As Fitness Designs Well-Life Coaches, we: 

  • Embody the roles of mentor, motivator, and guide, 
  • Help you create your vision of who you want to be 
  • Define wellness goals and establish a plan to actualize that vision 
  • Teach strategies and techniques to create a more satisfying life 
  • Provide constructive feedback · Hold you accountable 
  • Motivate you to continue striving for your optimal wellness goals


We go beyond helping you get your body in shape…this is about getting your life in shape!

At Fitness Designs we feel so strongly about the power each of us has to lengthen our productive years that we are compelled to reach as many people as possible. To that end, our objective is to become a positive force for fitness, creating a healthy impact on our community, both locally and nationally.

Do you need more information? Call us at 888-686-5114, or email us.



What clients say about


"Jessica Adlin became our trainer in the Fall of 1997. Jessica approaches each person's exercise plan with professional and understanding of individual needs. When we worked with her on a regular basis, we were in great shape, felt wonderful and had increased energy. She's a delightful person, as well as an outstanding coach. 

We consider Jessica's service a necessity...not a luxury!"

Jack and Penny D.
Redmond, WA


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