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Do you want to find a new way to attract employees and enhance your position as an employer of choice?

Fitness e-coaching is a compelling new program that can help your organization attract and retain quality staff, while contributing to a healthier, more fit workforce. It is affordable, customized fitness consulting via email that addresses the nutritional, emotional, and behavioral components of a client’s life, in addition to their physical fitness.

E-coaching participants enjoy personalized service from a qualified fitness consultant and receive information regarding physical health and well being, discuss changes to their action plan, and receive motivation to sustain their efforts, More than anything, participants enjoy the ongoing email relationship with a fitness consultant who holds them accountable to their goals, while helping them to achieve them.

Employers who extend the fitness e-coaching benefit to their employees win in many ways:

  • They improve employee retention by offering a distinctive new benefit;

  • They strengthen their recruiting position by offering this distinctive, new benefit;

  • They save money on medical claims, resulting from a healthier, more fit workforce;

  • They support their employees’ quest for health and fitness without incurring the costs of health club memberships or on-site fitness facilities.

FitnessDesigns, a 13-year-old Bellevue-based fitness consulting firm, helps people achieve and sustain optimal physical condition throughout every stage of life through skilled fitness consultation, personal training, telephone consultation and now, e-coaching.

Corporate fitness e-coaching programs, priced as low as $99 per employee per year, are available. We’d like to talk with you further about how fitness e-coaching through FitnessDesigns can help your organization move closer to solving the "attract and retain" dilemma by offering this compelling new employee benefit.


A Distinctive Approach to Wellness:
E-coaching with FitnessDesigns

If your company wants to save money, reduce absenteeism, reduce repetitive stress injuries and related health claims, improve employee retention, and strengthen its recruiting position with prospective employees, a wellness program can help.

FitnessDesigns offers a distinctive approach to wellness that is affordable, convenient, and personalized to each employee within your organization. At the participant’s option, e-coaching can be supplemented with in-person or tele-coaching to provide an even higher level of service.


Objectives of E-coaching:

E-coaching incorporates the roles of mentor, motivator, and guide to help participants get their lives and their bodies in shape. An e-coach:

  • Helps participants create their vision of who they want to be;

  • Defines wellness goals and establishes an action plan to actualize that vision;

  • Teaches strategies and techniques to create a more satisfying life;

  • Provides constructive feedback and emphasizes accountability;

  • Motivates employees to strive for optimal wellness.


E-coaching Tools:

Fitness consultants from FitnessDesigns use the following tools:

  • An e-mail relationship with a skilled fitness and wellness expert;

  • Unlimited contact with a FitnessDesigns e-coach through e-mail to:

- Get expert information regarding their physical health and well-being;

- Ask questions related to their persona wellness program anytime from anywhere;

- Discuss changes or additions to their action plan;

- Receive motivation for sustaining their efforts;

  • A "Get Fit" packet of material including self-assessments for nutrition, stress, and exercise, and other wellness information;

  • The option to purchase six sessions of in-studio or "tele-coaching" at 50% the normal rate – just 37.50 per hour;

  • A monthly e-mail newsletter containing news and tips about health and wellness.



FitnessDesigns can provide a turnkey marketing program to help you promote e-coaching as a new employee benefit. Flyers, periodic paycheck stuffers, intranet announcements and an employee guide that highlights the advantages of e-coaching are items your company can use to encourage participation.



E-coaching pricing starts as low as $99.00 per employee. Design and consultation on employee incentive programs and wellness seminars are also available. All employee relationships are held in the strictest of confidence.


Wellness Program Justification:

  • Spending just $50 per person on its wellness program, Union Pacific
    Railroad achieved net savings of $1.26 million a year.

  • The DuPont Co. credits workplace health programs with reducing absenteeism 14%.

  • A Dutch Study reported that people who exercise just once a week in employee fitness programs average almost five fewer sick days per year than non-exercisers. In 1988, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics called Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) the leading cause of occupational illness in the
    United States. It represented 48% of all workplace illnesses, making it among the most common stress-related injuries. RSI affected workers and computer users in a variety of fields: auto workers, garment workers, meat packers, supermarket clerks and office workers.

  • In 1997, "The Journal of Commerce" reported an estimated $12 billion in medical costs and lost wages from RSI in North America.

  • Wellness programs have the potential to improve employee retention and strengthen an organization's recruiting position with prospective employees.



What clients say about


"Jessie coached me to victory! When I wanted to train for my best performance at an international triathlon, Jessie showed me the way and gave me the encouragement I needed. I followed the daily workout plans, her advice on nutrition and injury prevention, and learned from her the value of a variety of training routines. I went to Canada and came home with a first place finish in my division! Best of all, I had a great coach who was as excited as I was with my victory and each of the milestones I reached along the way."

Jeanne LaBore
Minneapolis, MN

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